Neauvia Organic Intense 1x1ml

Neauvia Organic Intense 1x1ml

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This product contains the highest available concentration of hyaluronic acid - 28 mg/ml. Like all Neauvia fillers, it is made from the purest source of hyaluronic acid (Bacillus subtilis) and it is cross-linked with PEG polymer to obtain a 3D hydrogel matrix. In addition to hyaluronic acid it contains amino acids - Glycine and L-Proline - that are main ingredients of collagen.

Intense gives fantastic lift effect. Thanks to unique rheological properties, Intense is highly adaptive to the tissue, which helps to achieve desired results. It is suitable especially to deep filling of skin depression (included deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds), cheeks, chin and nose modeling and face contouring, in moderate and strongly aged skin.


  • High concentration of HA and high viscoelasticity
  • Ultra-safe profile thanks to Bacillus subtilis and PEG
  • Optimal rheology properties giving remarkable and natural correction
  • Slow biodegradation and long lasting results


28 mg/ml HA, cross-linked with PEG


Deep tissue restoration of volume & correction




Glycine and L-Proline